Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh disappointment, shmisappointment

The cross outshines all.
Disappointments are funny. Not in the "let me go laugh because this situation cracks me up", but more in the "this sucks" kinda funny. whatever.  I have come to the conclusion that life has its disappointments and events that don't go as planned. I know I'm late in the game in figuring this out.  Life is not perfect. BUT....Amongst all of the chagrin in my life, I have this amazing, deep, constant, delight... When things don't go the way I want them to go, or the way society would want them to go; for about ten minutes I wallow in my mishap and maybe numb the pain a little bit with some good ole facebook, but after that is when the Lord speaks to me.  (Those ten minutes of self pity have been dwindling down, and I know Jesus is jealous of those minutes I choose to ignore him.) But when he does speak, he reminds me of the bigger picture and ensures that he keeps his promises.  It just sucks sometimes, ya know? This battle of flesh and spirit is so apparent at these times and really shows which one is at work... I don't know...I just want to see through the eyes of my savior.....I want to see the big picture always....I want to set my mind on things above... As much as I care about what happens to me...At the same time I really could care less...These little fender-bender's of annoyance can't set me back for more than ten minutes...

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